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Ultima Markets DAX30 Components Adjustment Notice

14 September 2021

Dear Client,

Ultima Markets dedicates to providing the best trading environment and the widest range of products.

It’s our pleasure to announce that German index, the DAX30, will increase the number of stocks which make up the blue chip DAX30 index from 30 to 40, enhancing the competitiveness of German Index DAX30.
The rebalancing of the index is scheduled to take place by 20th, September, 2021.

The DAX30 (German: Der Dax, Deutscher Aktienindex), an important German Index) is a stock market index consisting of the 30 major German blue chip multinational corporations. The DAX30 represents the economy of German, and it is also called “Frankfurt Index” as all the corps are trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The DAX30 is a major indicator, along with FTSE100 and FRA40.
Since November 2020, the Deutsche Börse has introduced a stricter criterion on the index constituents. The required conditions include: “Financial Report” and “Profitability”. It aims to promote the German economy and provide more liquidity, by expanding blue chips and executing harsh standard.

The list of ten blue chips are as follows:
Airbus SE
Zalando SE
Siemens Healthineer AG
Symrise AG
HelloFresh SE
Sartorius AG Vz
Porsche Automobil Holding
Brenntag SE
Puma SE
Qiagen N.V.

For investors, the adjustment can provide more liquidity to the markets, and improve the economy of German. Ultima Markets will not change the name of the DAX30 or have any impacts on the index. However, the clients should be aware of the change in the investment markets affected by the reweighting.

The list of current components are as follows:

Kindly remind you that it is important to have sufficient fund if you have the DAX30 positions. There is possible risk for the adjustment after the markets opening on Monday.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].

Kind regards,
Ultima Markets